Getting started

1. Create an account

You will need to register for an account in order to create an access key for your project

Ensure your usecase complies with the licence agreement.

2. Generate an access key

After you have logged in to your account you will be able to create an access key from your profile. You should create a separate key for each of your projects.

3. Make your first request

Find out more about the options available.

Libraries & Examples

There are a variety of official and unofficial client libraries available to help you get started. Implementations in other languages should be relatively straightforward. If there's a particular language you think we should provide official packages for, or if you have developed a library you'd like to share with the community, please contact us.

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    If you are using PHP, our officially supported API client library makes it easy to search and iterate the events. It is also available through composer with composer require festivalslab/api-client-php.

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    Gem Version Gareth Adams has contributed the open-source (MIT licence) festivals_lab rubygem for accessing the API. It's in alpha, and not officially supported, but covers the whole of the current JSON API. For documentation and installation instructions see the festivals_lab gem on GitHub.