A collection of some of the projects built using the Edinburgh Festivals Listings API.

Plan My Fringe

Plan My Fringe by Henson IT Solutions have developed a very innovative and powerful planning tool enabling visitors and avid Fringe-goers alike to find events and optimise a custom schedule helping them make the most of their visit.

They use the Edinburgh Festival Listings API to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing event listings and precisely locate venues. Their algorithm allows users to prioritise shows by rating the ones they want to see and takes into account walking time between venues, budgets and even allows time for lunch and sleep breaks! In 2018 Plan My Fringe even devised a schedule which would allow attendees see 271 shows for free during the Fringe!

Try the impressive Plan My Fringe for yourself.


Zegami was founded in 2016 after a successful collaboration between the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford and was developed so that it could be used to visualise any kind of data, including images, video, documents or more traditional data sources like databases and spreadsheets.

Zegami used the Edinburgh Festivals Listings API to demonstrate the power of their data visualisation platform. It allows users to easily explore large image datasets and unlock powerful insights through their advanced analysis tools with a unique visualisation interface. Find out more about Zegami.

Festival Clock

The Edinburgh Festival Clock was a visualisation designed by Stefanie Posavec and developed by Justin Quillinan.

Each event is represented by a line: the free shows are positioned on the outside of each festival circle, with the most expensive shows in the circle. By fast-forwarding the clock, one is able to quickly move through time and see how the festivals evolve through the season, showing how every event lights up and burns out as it begins and ends.

Listings Widget

A concept by the Edinburgh International Festival led to the Edinburgh Festivals Listings API developing a 'widget' which allows website owners to easily display a selection of event listings on their site.

Website owners can create a widget using the self-service tool; selecting the festival, type of events, and a choice of colour scheme to produce an easy drop-in code snippet. The widget is designed to be fully responsive and displays an ever-changing selection of events from the relevant festival's programme. Create your customised widget.

Transport for Edinburgh

Transport for Edinburgh used the Edinburgh Festival Listings API to augment their travel assistance app with the festivals venue data allowing users to easily plan their journeys to or from festival venues.

During the festivals, venues open across the city with new names and in all kinds of unusual locations. Utilising the venue data available through the API visitors can quickly find venues by their unique names or number making planning their journeys a lot easier. You can download the Transport for Edinburgh app here.

Fringe Posters

In 2019 Scottie sponsored a competition to support and celebrate companies and their designers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Organisers and promoters of events could submit their poster to a judging panel at Fringe Posters.

They used the Edinburgh Festivals Listings API to allow users to quickly and easily find their event and supply images of their posters to be entered into the competition. The winner was announced on Wednesday 14 August 2019.


Developed by the Edinburgh International Science Festival in 2016, SciSpy was created to introduce their audiences to the festival programme in a fun and engaging mobile web application.

Using intelligently delivered images and teaser lines, users swipe to indicate their interest in the event. Their preferences would progressively deliver more targeted results while exposing other events they may have not as easily discovered through browsing the programme. At the end of a session the user is presented with a list of events they have liked in order to find out more or book tickets.


myFestival is an iOS festival planner app developed by Mike Crawford. You can use your location to find events nearby, curate your list of favourites shared across your iOS devices, and add performances to the calendar on your device.